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Frequently Asked Questions

Richmond Villas Lifestyle Village

Frequently Asked Questions

An Occupation Right Agreement entitles a resident to occupy a villa or apartment for their and their spouse’s lifetime subject to certain rights of termination detailed in the Agreement together with the right to use buildings and facilities intended for common use.

  1. You must be 65 years of age or older to be a resident.
  2. At the time of purchase of an Occupation Right Agreement, you must be in good health.
  3. In certain circumstances, i.e; ill health or breach of the terms of your Agreement, Management has the option to re-purchase your unit.

You complete the application form and hand it to the Village Manager at 82 Richmond Street, Thames, together with a small deposit.

  1. The purchase price of your villa/apartment.
  2. The weekly fee – at present set at $147 per week.
  3. Your own personal expenses – e.g. food, power, contents Insurance.
  4. The Amenities Contribution. (Deferred Management Fee)

This is a fee, also known as the Deferred Management Fee, that finances the maintenance of the Village costs that are not covered by the weekly fee. It accrues at the rate of 10% per annum over three years to a maximum of 30% of your Occupation Right Agreement payment. It accrues during the residency but only becomes payable when your Occupation Right Agreement fee is refunded (on the re-licensing of your villa/apartment).

  1. Rates, levies and fees payable to any Government, territorial or local authority.
  2. Water, gas, electricity, telephones and other utilities or services in relation to the common areas and facilities.
  3. Insurance premiums and associated valuation fees.
  4. Salaries, wages and other remuneration of persons engaged in the management and operation of the Village.
  5. Costs of providing security, cleaning, gardening and other services for the general use and benefit of the residents.
  6. Costs of maintenance and repair of all buildings, common areas and the Village generally.
  7. 24-hour monitoring alarm – covers Ambulance, Police, Fire.
  8. Fees and expenses of the Scheme Supervisor and Auditor.
  9. Reasonable depreciation of chattels comprised in the common area.

Yes, your villa/apartment is your home and you most certainly can have them stay or visit with you, and providing you are with them we would like you to look on the Community Centre as an extension of your home.

  1. Security gates at the front entrance.
  2. Securely 24 hour monitoring – covers Ambulance, Police, Fire.
  3. We have 24 hour security camera surveillance.

The Residents are encouraged to form their own Committee and regular meetings will be held with the Covenant Trustee Company (your representative) and Management to discuss any issues that may have arisen. Residents are welcome at the office anytime to discuss anything that is of concern to them. The Retirement Village Association Code of Practice is available online or for viewing at the office.

Yes, if you are a keen gardener we will do our best to cater to your requirements. If at a later stage you are not able to look after the garden, Management would take over the maintenance.

Yes, you can bring your existing cat/caged bird/small dog at the Management’s written discretion.

Management has purchased a van and it is used for regular shopping trips and outings.

Unfortunately, there are only a few Villas with double garaging.

If we haven’t answered a question for you, be sure to get in touch with our friendly staff at Richmond Villas Lifestyle Village, we are more than happy to help.


We love living in the village, there’s so much to do with all of the activities if you want to do them. The staff and everyone are so helpful and friendly and as a plus we are in walking distance of the main street, supermarket and cafés.

We have never regretted our decision to move in here and it adds to our family’s peace of mind that we are safe, secure and settled

Pamela & Ross Yeates

Please view the Retirement Villages Code of Practice online here. These are also available for viewing at the Richmond Villas office.