Richmond Villas Testimonials

I have been a resident for 10 years and am so glad I made the move, it was the best thing I ever did, no house to maintain and the upkeep is all done by management. Meeting and making several new friends and having lots of different activities and social gatherings which you can go to if you wish.

The safety and care during level 4 COVID lockdown was amazing our groceries, medical needs were all collected for us by management and just knowing we were never alone made us feel safe and protected. Anyone thinking of making a move to the Retirement Village at Richmond Villas is making the very best choice as everything’s there for you.

Barbara Darrah

We love living in the village, there’s so much to do with all of the activities if you want to do them. The staff and everyone are so helpful and friendly and as a plus we are in walking distance of the main street, supermarket and cafés.

We have never regretted our decision to move in here and it adds to our family’s peace of mind that we are safe, secure and settled.

Pamela & Ross Yeates

We chose Richmond Vilas because we wanted to remain in Thames but keep our independence. Locality with easy access to shopping centre, mall, supermarket and hospital are a big advantage. Buying into a lifestyle village at our age means maintenance of home and gardens taken care of.

Management and staff are always very helpful and listen to any queries we may have. There is always something within the village to keep us occupied and with a very active residents’ social committee who arrange outings and events within the village we would never get bored.

Talking to many friends our age who are residing in retirement villages around New Zealand that have visited us consider we are more than well catered for in our years of retirement and we feel very fortunate to be at Richmond Villas

Glenice & Murray Hull

Until we moved into this complex we did not fully comprehend the importance of location, the proximity of this complex to all the amenities that are so important to our needs in our senior lifestyle.

The closeness of the township of Thames has been one of the highlights of our new way of life. The easy access to hospital and medical facilities and a selection of grocery stores, greengrocers, meat, fresh bread, hardware, garages and an endless selection of Cafe and takeaway food outlets is almost unbelievable.

One of the other very important aspects of the village is the quality and care that has gone into the construction of the buildings, and easy accessibility for repairs and maintenance that need to be attended to from time to time.

Garden planting and care and another dimension to our quality of life, the endless surprise of a new and diverse range of flowers and shrubs makes our daily walks an endless pleasure

Bob & Shona Smith

After some 21 years on the eastern side of Coromandel Peninsula, we found it necessary to move to the western side, and Thames seemed the most appropriate - closer to family in Auckland, Hamilton and even Tauranga. That is when we discovered Richmond Villas and especially the brand new apartments. One of these was what we really wanted.

We moved in almost exactly with the Covid 19 lockdown looming, but the other residents of the complex were, with the direction and guidance of the very competent staff, geared for that event. It was the best move we ever made - and there have been many of those.

Living in Richmond is so much like living independently in any town or suburb in New Zealand. You have your own "patch" and your neighbours respect that in a most friendly way. You don't even have the hassles of tending to your garden or property maintenance - it's all done for you!

Since our arrival, we have entertained many visitors - family and friends - who all speak highly of the village and its facilities. We warmly recommend Richmond Villas and apartments to anyone who is seeking a serene retirement in a beautiful setting.

Barney & Melva Bowen

Moving to Richmond Villas has made my life so much easier. Gone are the days of worrying about house maintenance and leaving the gardens and lawns untended when I’m off and about visiting friends or on holiday. Everything is taken care of for you and the staff are so friendly, caring and helpful.

I love that the grounds are regularly maintained and attractive, and there is always something to do, whether it’s shopping in town or taking advantage of all the great amenities.

Sheryl McConnell

Peter and I moved into our villa in 2020 with some trepidation on my part, but we Love it! Everyone has made us feel so welcome from residents to management. There is a great range of activities on offer if you wish to participate.

I love swimming among other things and Peter enjoys the fellowship of Men’s night.

We highly recommend Village Lifestyle where you can be both independent and/or involved. It’s your choice, come join us, you’ll love it too!

Peter & Leigh James

I am so pleased I made the move to Richmond Villas. Admittedly I was uncertain about what life would be like but, I have gained so much I actually wish I’d made the move earlier. There is always plenty of activities on offer and I have made some wonderful friendships along the way. I love getting involved in playing Housie and Rummikub with the other residents and have even found myself trying Zumba! The staff are amazingly helpful and supportive which give me a great sense of security and peace of mind. The location of the Villas is also a drawcard for me; just a short walk to the local cafes, shops and also the hospital and the beach is not too far away either.

My grandchildren are extremely important to me and I’m over the moon that they love Richmond Villas as much as I do – the swimming pool is a huge hit with them as is scootering on the nearby boardwalk. They have even taken a great shine to Housie and have also made some great friendships with grandchildren of other residents.

Overall I couldn’t recommend Richmond Villas enough, I feel like I didn’t just move house but I joined a wonderful community. Apartment living with wonderful views and a sense of security is a huge asset.

Bronwyn Williamson